February, 2018
Residency at Sant’Antioco, Sardinia - Pinna Nobilis

Pinna Nobilis is the largest bivalve mollusk in the Mediterranean, known as pen shell. Its secreted transparent filaments are used to make marine silk also called byssus. Chiara Vigo is one of the last byssus weavers in the world - a master of ancient weaving.

February, 2018
Corale e Preci - preparations for Kin Tsugi Rituals in an earthquake region

Christina proposes Kin Tsugi - the transformative repair technique from Japan - for the region around Preci in Umbria, Italy, as part of the ritual in the aftermath of the earthquake of 2016. Chiara Vigo
The ritual is planned for the summer 2018.

February, 2018
Exhibition BEEHAVE Fundacio Miro, Barcelona

Homage a Pomona comments on the decline of insects and pollination.
Exhibition BEEHAVE from February 16th to May 20th 2018.


September, 2017
Introduction to Beekeeping and Bee Ecology at ARBIS, Helsinki

At the adult education centre a course is offered with the number A170651. To sign up please visit www.ilmonet.fi or contact Christina directly!

June 1-3, 2017
Vegetal Speed Dating

A participatory performance on encounters between humans and plants. The intervention is part of Plantarium, University of Linköping, Sweden.
Please also visit Vegetal Speed Dating for more info!

May 27, 28 2017
Feast of Pollen Gold

Two Still Life Compositions and a durational performance as part of the Table Scenes at Kirpilä Art House. The exhibition is open until end of August. A performative lecture will be held by Ulla and Christina at the Finissage August 30th 2017at 18:00.

November, 15 and 16, 2016 and May 29-31, 2017
Workshop Series "Ecologies of Reproduction"

As part of the MAECP programme at Theatre Academy Helsinki.


September 2016
How to think long term and beyond disciplines

Presentation at Kone ChamberAdvice on Grant Applications, Helsinki.
May - October 2016

May - Octpber 2016
Melliferopolis Fest - a summer-long series of events for Bees and non-Bees

Different locations in Helsinki, Finland.
See more on the FEST here.

June 2016
Workshop “The Beekeepers” by Pieter Bruegel The Elder

A participatory intervention around a 500 year old drawingBruegel-ing, Helsinki Day, Finland June 2016

March 2016

at Aalto, Department Film, Television and Scenography, Helsinki

November, 21st 2015
Degustatie / on 1030 Diversite / it

A tasting event to explore vacabulary for the diversity of Schaerbeek.

May- September 2015
Poikilo - Semi Wild Gardens Exhibition, Kouvola, Finland

The exhibition of Hexa-Hive Village and The Airstrip as well as Sundance Palimpsest at the Taidemuseo Kouvola is shown indoors as well as outdoors.
More here: Puolivilli Puutarha

May, 6-8 2015
Culture(s) in Sustainable Futures Conference

Video works are shown during the conference days.
More info on the conference here.

April, 29 2015
Kone Chamber Lecture

Science meets Art, Helsinki


December 11th & 12th, 2014
When Your Fears Are a Swarm in the Hive of Your Mind

Lecture and communication at Art Matters Conference in Barcelona, Spain

Sun, September 14th, 2014
Counting? at Fruitfully Yours

Narratives of Schaerbeek and a ritual at the apiary.
Sign up at hassnamous[at]gmail[dot]com

Thu, July 31st, 2014
Visite Guidée, Schaerbeek

Guided tour to the city apiary in Schaerbeek. On reservation only.
Visite du rucher á Schaerbeek. Sur réservation uniquement.

Thu, June 12, 2014
Helsinki Day

Exhibition and presentation of Melliferopolis at Eläintarhan Huvila, Eläintarhantie 14, Hakkaniemi, Helsinki.

Mon, Tue, Wed, June 9-11, 2014
Melliferopolis Hands-on Workshop "Experimental Beehives with Soft Materials"

As part of the activities of Melliferopolis 2014, a workshop at Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden of the University of Helsinki takes place. Together with Nigel Helyer as invited artist we explore the felt and basket materials as possible bee housing. More info at melliferopolis.net.

Fri, Sat, Sun, June 6-8, 2014
Sensoring the Hive – Connected data collection
Workshop, at Camp Pixelache Helsinki

In the participatory workshop, we fit a beehive with different sensors (weight, sounds, temperature, humidity, etc), using open hardwarde and sofware solutions. The equipped hive is placed at Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden of the University of Helsinki.

Wed, April 23, 2014
Lecture - 3 good reasons to (not) eat honey

Part of the lecture series "Dinner is Readyy", at Teurastamo, Helsinki.
More info at dinner_is_ready.

Wed, Thu, 26 and 27 March 2014
Workshop Bees 2.0 at Hangar, Barcelona

A hive is equipped with low-cost sensors and with open data, software and hardware. The readings of the data from the hive are sent to a database, connected with other sensor equipped beehives in Barcelona (OpenResearch, Spain) and Bordeaux (OpenBeeLab, France). These data are shown on real time and following open access protocols.
More detailed info at http://hangar.org.


Wed, Thu, Fri, June 12-14, 2013
Melliferopolis Workshop "Understanding the essence of flowers"

As part of the activities of Melliferopolis 2013, a workshop on Harakka island takes place. We spend time exploring the bees' environment, do a simple analysis of air, water and soil in the Harakka laboratory. The results and microscopic investigations on pollen are used as inspiration for visual expressions. More detailed info at melliferopolis.net.

Thursday, November 25th, 2012 thru January 23rd, 2013
Exhibition La fiesta MaizeMaguey

open from Mon-Fri, 9am–3:30pm, Sat 9am–1pm.
Guided tours in Spanish at 10:00, 12:00 and 17:00, in English on tue, thu, sat at 11:00.
Jardin Ethnobotanico, Reforma s/n esq. Constitución, Centro, 68000 Oaxaca; Mexico
Christina exhibits Capturing the Sun as part of the Fiesta de Maguey case study of the project EITC - Euroaxacan Initiative of Transformative Cultures.


Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 at 11 am
Melliferopolis Lecture at Arabia, Helsinki, Finland

Christina Stadlbauer will resume the first year of the ‘Melliferopolis -Honeybees in the Urban Environments’ project. The project was launched in Future Art Base / Biological Arts last May by a workshop, and brought to Helsinki and Espoo three new beehives. The bees have become acclimatised to their new urban home and the project will continue next year in June by a second workshop in Harakka island, and other activities around the bee.
The lecture is hosted by the Creative Sustainability Masters programme at Aalto University, and takes place in room 6036B, in Aalto University, Arabia Campus, department of design.
see also: http://arts.aalto.fi/en/research/future_art_base/

Thursday August 2nd, 14 pm, Harakka Honey Harvest 2012

We harvest the honey from the hive in Harakka after their first season in Melliferopolis. This can be seen more as activity than as event – without any official announcement. For more info and some images please go here.

12th to 18th of May, 2012
Melliferopolis, Seminar week, Helsinki, Finland

At the Future Art Base, Aalto, in Helsinki, a trans-disciplinary initiative at the intersection of art and bio-sciences is launched. The theoretical and hands-on workshop is the first in a series until 2014.
More detailed info at melliferopolis.net.

11th and 12th of May, 2012
Camp Pixelache

Bees as Biomonitors are presented at the one main unconference day on Saturday 12.5, with the overarching theme of “Do It With Others” (D.I.W.O.).
More at pixelcamp.


7th to 9th of December, 2011
Embodied Values Conference - "SENSORY WORLDS: Environment, Value and the Multi-Sensory", Edinburgh - Scotland

The installation "It is so dark inside the hive" will be set up at the Inspace and open to the public. The conference focuses on bringing the senses back to the environment.
1 Crichton Street, Edinburgh EH8 9AB, United Kingdom
For more info please visit the Embodied Values conference site.

18th of September, 2011
Survival Kit 2011 - "The Art of Predicting the Future", Riga - Latvia

At the Festival, the talk and discussion "Farming the City of Brussels" focuses on Beekeeping and Vertical Gardening in Urban Spaces.
The Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art
Alberta Street 13, LV – 1010 Riga
For more info please visit http://www.survivalkit.lv.

9th of September, 2011
Halikonlahti Green Art III Festival - "Food Chains", Salo, Finland

At the Festival, the installation "It Is so Dark Inside the Hive" will trigger all your senses but the vision.
Salo Art Museum Veturitalli (Roundhouse)
Mariankatu 14, 24240 Salo, Finland
For more info see http://www.halikonlahti.net and the blogspot.

August 24th to September 29th 2011,
residency at Interdisciplinary Art group SERDE
Atmodas Street 9, Aizpute, Latvia.
The residency is focused on the research of local beekeeping practices and on experiments with clay as construction material for bee-hives.

12th of March, 2011
Transnatural, Amsterdam

At the Symposium a talk and a workshop will give insight to foraging, herbologies and urban beekeeping, exploring the verge of nature and technology.
Wibautstraat 127, Amsterdam, from 09:30-18:00
For more info please go to http://www.transnatural.nl.

19th of January, 2011
Changing Tents
Screening of the movie The HoneyShop at the Burning Ice Festival, Kaaitheater, Brussels.


16th of December, 2010
Nocturne on Biodiversity - The Secret Life

That evening is hosting various events on urban biodiversity in the Museum of Natural History in Brussels. From 17:00-22:00. For more details, see here.

10th-12th of December, 2010
Interference Free Foraging Mobility - A Workshop at FoAM

Electromagnetic Radiation seems to disturb bees immensely. In the workshop we focus on visualizing electromagnetic fields and designing a map of field gradients in Brussels for urban honeybees. To get more info and to sign up go here.

24th to 27th of March 2010
Pixelache - Herbologies/Foraging Networks Seminar

The benefits for urban environments that come with introducing honeybees in the city were explored and discussed - backed up by a presentation on the situation of the bees of the Brussels Apiary. [The Honeybee Observatory came out very reduced after the winter. See also here.]

Honey Foraging in Urban Environments
Parking lot daisies, green-roof-apple-trees, balcony-tomatoes – all you can eat for city-bees! The presence of honeybees beneficially influences conservation of floral species and encourages city inhabitants to re-nature their lives by greening backyards and terraces. Urban apiaries boost the city’s agricultural productivity and provide deliciously divers honey with characteristic city-scape tastes. An exploration on how bees connect to local vegetal and animal wildlife and alter the experience of urban public spaces altogether. [From Pixelache Herbologies/Foraging]
Further reads about this year's Pixelache.


27th of September 2009
okno’s harvesting days

are set up as an open_lab where visitors can explore the projects conducted by artists and researchers in the open_green rooftopgardens.
We will exchange ideas about the different processes of social and cultural issues related to the urban, green environment.

Harvesting the honeybee observatory
The ladies enjoyed a rich2009 season of urban blooms and rewarded us with the first harvest! A taster of urban beekeeping techniques and a view on the harvesting fields will be offered as well as some spoons to evaluate the city honey of Brussels.
Harvesting Days at Okno
Harvesting Days Review

August 13-16 2009

The symposium for "Art and Renewable Technologies" held in Aizpute, Latvia gathers 30 artists, activists, technologists, scientists and researchers to exchange ideas and explorations dealing with renewable energy resources, alternative and ecological use of technologies and other sustainability related issues.
1st workshop on beehive design held on August 16th.
Aizpute Symposium

The Ever Land Mass - Moment of Disclosure

This weekend bolwerK's 6-month work residency discloses The Ever Mass Land in Rue Gallait 80, Schaarbeek (nadine). The imagined land mass challenges in this moment of (dis)closing, for the last time, the borders of networks, its ways of crossing, meeting and getting organized.