Sustainicum Bienen at the University of Applied Life Sciences, Tulln, Austria

Questions around sustainability and future preparedness are linked to issues of resources and energy consumption, biodiversity and socially just living conditions. What does this mean in our society, as community?
In order to understand contexts of natural cycles, food production and biodiveristy, a transparent hive equipped with sensors, cameras and recording technology is installed. The bees can readily be used as bio-monitors of their perimeter. Working with the obtained data translates the hive's activity and link with the environment into visual and audible signals as well as scientific data.

The project has been up and running since May 2013.
Please visit the project at bee "O" monitor.

Sustainicum is a cooperation between University of Applied Life Sciences, Karl-Franzens-University Graz and the Technical University Graz, Austria. It invites various disciplines to highlight topics providing contents and materials to experience concepts, processes and contexts of sustainability.